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Product introduction - Pin,Connector

Being established in Taiwan on October of 1993, Ting Chou Metal Wire Co., Ltd., Specialized initially in various pins (round, square and special types at pitches of 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 0.64mm, 1.00mm, 1.14mm) and connector terminals.

As of 1995, in response to the rapidly booming development of electronics and its peripheral products, we utilized automatic machine and advanced production process to provide our customers with high quality products at very competitive prices.

Following the trend of industry transferring to China, we set up Dong Guan Shiyin Machine Hardware Products Factory in Southern China in 1998. Thus, we are able to supply our customers in China with prompt delivery service.

Because of insufficient manufacturing space, we moved to current site at Sansia Town in 2003, and increased investment for new facilities and more capacities. As a result, we have gained favorable comments from customers as a professional manufacturer in the industry.

As of 2004, we have started to produce bandolier pins for automotive electrical systems. For its being of safety critical components, our products are requested to zero-defect. It is a virtual challenge that conducts us entering a new territory.

In 2005, we have been certified by ISO 9001:2000.

Company philosophy: Professionalism, Innovation & Sustainability.

* Quality Policy: To pursue excellence for customers' satisfaction.
* Terminative Target: To proceed endless elevation for win-win result.





Square-Swage Type

Square-Alveolus Type

Square-”L” Type

Square-”L” Type

Machine Pin-Type 1

Machine Pin-Type 2

Round Pin

Machine Pin-Type 3

Round Pin-”U” Type

Round Pin-Special Type



Bandolier-Special Type

andolier-Special Type

Automotive-Exclusive Pin



Pin Header

Right Angle with
Dual-Layer Type

Dual-Layer Type

SMT Type

Special Type

Horizontal SMT Type

“U” Style Type

“U” Style Type

Female Header Right
Angle Type

Female Elevated Type

Female Header
SMT Type



Box Header

Box Header with
SMT Type

Box Header with
Lock Type