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  • Company Name : Ting Chou
  • Product Main Line : Square & Round Pin Stamping & Header connectors
  • Establishment Date : 1993
  • Capital : NTD$ 20 Million Dollars
  • Factory Area : Land : 600 m²., Factory1500 m²
  • Employees : 80 ±2 Persons
  • Production Line : High Speed precise pressing machine 25-60 Tone – 3 sets
  • Surface polish machine – 2 sets
  • Gearless grinding machine – 2 sets
  • High Speed auto stamping machine – 70 sets
  • Auto assembly connector machine -10 sets
  • Inspection & Test Machine :
  • Zoom & Microscope (1000 X)
  • High Precision Micron Gauge
  • Retention Force machine
  • Tensile Strength machine
  • Micro Meter
  • Fischerscope X-Ray


  • To be the leading and most professional of pin manufacturer.
  • Focus on high added value products and related technology development.
  • To perform the key role in professional electronic connector manufacturer.


  • Integrated Production – From material to final product with our own design specific machine and tooling.
  • High co-ordination among quality dept., manufacture dept. and R&D dept. under the excellent management.
  • With years manufacturing experience in electronic connector.
  • Speed developing and mass production.





Square-Swage Type

Square-Alveolus Type

Square-”L” Type

Square-”L” Type

Machine Pin-Type 1

Machine Pin-Type 2

Round Pin

Machine Pin-Type 3

Round Pin-”U” Type

Round Pin-Special Type



Bandolier-Special Type

andolier-Special Type

Automotive-Exclusive Pin



Pin Header

Right Angle with
Dual-Layer Type

Dual-Layer Type

SMT Type

Special Type

Horizontal SMT Type

“U” Style Type

“U” Style Type

Female Header Right
Angle Type

Female Elevated Type

Female Header
SMT Type



Box Header

Box Header with
SMT Type

Box Header with
Lock Type





Others :
Short ramp and sharp angle not easy inserting and cause scratching when mating

TingChou’s :
Longer ramp and easy inserting and no scratching when mating




Quality Target:
Continually with precisely management and production to meet customer requirements.

Quality Policy :

Continually improve quality to meet customer requirements.